To be released in 2016


Released in 2012

A collection of thirteen short stories,
The Sail Buggy is Reiter's most recent publication.  These stories explore how apparently unremarkable people can reveal the humor, anger, despair and joy of daily life.  The stories take us to complexities of human nature, whether good or bad.  Reiter often uses the rural, comic, and unexpected to search for pockets of insight which might reveal the depths of our spirits, some of which are foreclosed, others of which rise up.  Whether the central event is trying to bury a dead horse or to cover a car with magazines to prevent hail damage or to come to grips with PTSD--which we used to call shell-shock"--these men, women and children make discoveries which are important to them--and sometimes even more so to us.

   Released in 2011

Complete poems by the
Kansas Centennial Poet and author of Medley.


Released in 2010

Teaching Fences is a collection of poems which encompasses more territory than Snake in the Cradle. Galway Kinnell urges us not to condescend to the poems of our youth, those efforts which can show us gaining our footholds and finding our themes. That's apparent in this little book. It's less abstract than the other collection, yet it has, I think, some of my best work. I hope it will please you.



Released: July 20th, 2008

This collection, which fits into the tradition of American poetry from Whitman to Kinnell, reflects my background as a child of the country and my travels in Europe, Asia, and Mexico. Many of the poems have appeared in such publications as The Beloit Poetry Journal, Sing! Heavenly Muse, Cottonwood, The Kansas Quarterly, and Kansas City Voices. Others are printed here for the first time.


Released in February, 2008

A book for all animal lovers, teen to senior.  You'll meet cats, dogs, horses, mice, birds, bugs, dozens of animals whose stories will make you laugh, rage, and cry.


Released in February, 2006

This is a post Civil War novel which treats the lives of a traumatized surgeon and his young wife as they move from Tennessee to central Kansas.  Annie Sherwood, widowed young, struggles to raise her children and give them the opportunities and dignity her life seems to have denied her. She strives, too, to build her own sense of right and wrong and to live by her hard-earned values as she deals with the rigors of the Kansas prairie and the men who love her.  Then there's that crow. . . .