I want to thank all who read this for your interest and support. You've given me  so much encouragement.  I appreciate it very much. 

Now I'll be working primarily with the new books, From Ash Creek to China and Back, a Writing Flea-Market, which promises to be complete later this year; and Mother and Me, Two Voices From the Solomon Valley, which I have a good start on.

The essay collection simply grows.  I love the form, and it seems that nearly anything can become the focus of a short piece. I really don't know when it will be ready.

The "study" of my and my mother's work is the most difficult task at the present.  It's fun and interesting to me, but I haven't found the right structure, yet, so it's still very much in progress.

I'll keep you posted on how these pieces develop.

The play is actually complete.  My biggest decision about it is choosing a publisher. 

Apology:  I can't get the italics out, above, where they shouldn't be.